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A pack of 24, high quality, 3D printed real wood, small Euro Pallets. Accurately scaled from the real thing, giving a much more "true to life" appearance than other 3d printed alternatives and printed in a real wood filament giving a true to life wooden appearance. Due to them being printed in a wood filament, they all vary slightly from pallet to pallet making them look incredibly realistic when placed on your layout or diorama. Can be easily painted and weathered with acrylics and weathering powders.Ideal for stacking in busy yards & depots, leaning up against a shed or outbuilding, or for use as lorry and wagon loads

.Key Features:
  • 3D Printed models
  • Dimensions L: 15.5mm x W: 10.8mm x H: 2.2mm
  • Also suitable for 1:72 use.


Wagon & Lorry Loads
Scale Model Scenery
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AX063-OO 3D Printed Real Wood Pallets (Pack of 24) OO/4mm/1:76

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