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Most layouts will need some sort of ballast, or earth powder, to fit between and alongside the sleeepers. As Iain explains in his How to Ballast Model Railway Track guide, ballast plays a crucial role in the infrastructure of the railway.
There are many sorts of ballast to use, depending on your era, location and the model scale you are using. For main line trackwork, you'll need regular-sized stones, neatly packed around the sleepers, and a large shoulder to add support. Conversely, for a steam era shed scene, you might choose to use a finer grade of stone, and mix it with earth powders to give a more compacted look.
Wherever you lay your track, adding some subtle, or heavy, weathering, to your ballast will really help set the scene.

We think we have one of the best selections of ballast and earth powders, with a wide range of colours, sizes, grades and pot sizes. All can be ordered direct from our website and shippped to you to use on your layout.

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Why choose our Ballast and Earth Powders?

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Why choose our Ballast, Gravels, Stones & Earth Powders?

At Scale Model Scenery, we try to make everything we create 'realistically' better'. And that goes for all of the various ground cover we select for our Modelling Materials range. We're confident we are the top choice for railway modellers and diorama creators. Here's why: