13 Jul

New Items Coming Into Stock 14th July 2017

We’ve got a large delivery due in tomorrow lunch time of the following items…

13 Jul

New Items Into Stock 10th July 2017

Just a small delivery this week from our suppliers, with some very popular Deluxe Material items coming back into stock.

24 Mar

New Items In Stock 24th March 2017

At long last we’ve had a big delivery in from Preiser this week, with some long awaited items coming back into stock after months of waiting…


10 Mar

New Stocks Arrived – 10th March 2017

We’ve had a large delivery of fresh stocks from Wiking, Faller, Gaugemaster and Deluxe this week. Here’s a complete list:

11 Feb

New Stocks Arrived – 11th February 2017

We had a large delivery of items this week including many that had been out of stock for months!

10 Feb

Scale Model Scenery: Vlog #3 – N Gauge Laser Cut Railings, Oxford Vehicles With Lights & More!

In this week’s vlog we give you an overview of the work we’ve been doing this week here at Scale Model Scenery.

We had an excellent response to the Gaugemaster D Type Controller Tray that I made so we’re going to release that in kit form next week once the binding / terminal posts arrive.

The LX011-N & LX008-N Laser Cut Wrought Iron Railings cut really well in 0.8mm laserboard so they’re now available to order at https://www.scalemodelscenery.co.uk/p…

Adam has been upgrading lots more Oxford Diecast 1:76 scale Vehicles list week including more Royal Mail Ford Transits, RAC & AA Vans. All are now available for use with DCC accessory decoders or lighting control systems and come with 30cm tails for quick and easy connection.

He’s also upgraded the 76MFE001 Avon Fire & Rescue MAN Pump Ladder which features fully independent flashing blue lights all round. You can view all the upgraded vehicles we currently have in stock at https://www.scalemodelscenery.co.uk/p…

Also this week we have the first batch of 3D Printed Heavy Duty / Water Filled Road Barriers available to order in O/1:43 scale. These are idea for use around major roadworks scenes on busy main roads on your layout and come in pack of 10 (5 red & 5 white). They’re also suitable for use as a larger barrier on 1:50 scale dioramas too. The link to those is: https://www.scalemodelscenery.co.uk/s…

03 Feb

Scale Model Scenery: Vlog #2 – MRC Light Genie & Our Laser Cutter In Action

Our second Vlog! Today I managed to find the MRC Light Genie that Tina had hidden from me so I give you a brief overview of what they can do, then I cut the second prototype set of the new LX086-OO Culverts in OO gauge, ready to test build them with the brick paper wraps that I’ve prepared.

A few tweaks are still needed on the culverts – There’s a surprising amount of work needed even on a tiny little kit like those to get them just right.

I’ll do a full video on the Light Genies very soon, showing you how to connect them up and how they can really enhance your model railway layout without breaking the bank or needing expensive DCC equipment. But in a nutshell they enable to you add fully controllable lighting to your layout with build in effects such as flicker, fades, level crossing warning lights etc

02 Feb

Scale Model Scenery: Vlog #1 – Oxford Diecast & New Laser Cut Kits!

We thought we’d better enter the wonderful world of Video Blogging! So here’s vlog #1!

In this video we share with you a few things we’ve been working on today including the new LX097 Tube Clamp Railings which we’re now doing in OO gauge and N gauge (https://www.scalemodelscenery.co.uk/s…),

Then we look at the new LX031 Tree Grids (https://www.scalemodelscenery.co.uk/s…) which are perfect for adding trees and bushes to pedestrian areas on your layout and are suitable for N gauge, OO scale and O gauge use.

Plus there’s a quick look at some of the 1:76 scale Oxford Diecast vans Adam has been upgrading for us with working hazard lights & roof beacons (you can find out more about the vans here https://www.scalemodelscenery.co.uk/p…)… Oh and Elizabeth has a coughing fit while filming me too!

Hope you enjoy watching the video. I’ll be back with more very shortly.

05 Nov

New Stocks Arrived – 5th November 2016

dcdcw-glwThis week’s new arrivals & restocks include some superb weathering powder sets from DCC Concepts…

29 Oct

New Stocks Arrived – 29th October 2016


n60802The following items are now back in stock and available to order