1930's Factory Kit Bashed Into An Impressive OO Gauge Brewery

1930's Factory Kit Bashed Into An Impressive OO Gauge Brewery

One of the most rewarding aspects of what we do here at Scale Model Scenery is seeing what you guys create with our kits. When we design a kit, we always have particular scenes or scenarios in mind. If we're modelling a real building, we obviously have photos of the prototype, possibly drawings too, with details of the surroundings of the building, its intended use as well as possibly its current use if it has changed over the years. For example, an old warehouse building may have recently been converted into flats. But when we're designing a kit, that's what we see… the building as it is/was & in its real surroundings. If it's a fictitious building, we still have a particular scene in mind.

That all changes though when you guys set about building the finished kit… And that's where it gets interesting! Every layout is different, every location is different and it's when your imagination runs wild that we really get excited. Seeing how you adapt, tweak, adjust & kit-bash our models is something we love to see, and this particular scene that Tim sent in is one of our favourites from the past couple of years. He's used a very heavily kit-bashed version of our KX001-OO 1930's Factory laser cut card kit to build an incredibly impressive brewery. A Blue Star Newcastle Brown Ale Brewery in fact.

How Tim Built This Brewery Scene

Tim has used two, possible three of the KX001-OO 1930's Factory kits to create this dynamic brewery complex, with the centrepiece being one kit built as standard, with a little additional detail added in the form of the Newcastle Brown Ale signage, airconditioning units, grills over some of the ground-floor windows.  Quoins add a more traditional feel to the corners of the building and pattress plates/ties add character and history to the building. If you look really closely you can also see a commercial “For Sale” board above one of the ground-floor windows and he's also carefully cut some of the window frames to make them open which is a really nice touch. An industrial chimney has also been added to the right of the building which adds extra dynamics to the height of the building.

Tim has then added two additional buildings, one on each side to expand the complex. To the left of the photo is effectively a “half-kit” linked to the main building by a bridge section made from a section of the building centre. This has been fitted with a simple scratch-built pitched roof detailed with roof vents. A pair of large wooden industrial doors give access for loading and unloading delivery vehicles. To the right of the brewery complex, Tim's then used a flat front wall from the kit to create an ultra-low relief section. This has just enough detail compared to a flat printed backscene to keep things interesting without taking up any space at all at the back of the layout. This ultra-low relief section has been detailed with the addition of a raised walkway, fire exit, industrial ladder with a safety cage, more signage and some nicely detailed downpipes.

The rest of the scene is then brought to life by some foreground detail in the form of palletised & piled bricks, pallets, oil drums, beer kegs & barrels along with a plant room or office. Static grass & other foliage has then been used to soften this fantastic industrial scene just enough.

Build Your Own Brewery

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