How To Guides & Tutorials

Inclines - Do's and Dont's For Your Model Railway Layout
Inclines are a common feature on model railway layouts, but you need to get them right. So in this guide, we take a deep-dive into the world of building inclines on a model railway layout.
Market Day - Creating a Market Scene in OO Scale
Adding a market scene to your OO gauge model railway or 1:76 diorama can really help bring a town or village centre to life. And it's surprisingly easy to do with our new Market Day Scene.
Create A Unique Model Railway Backscene
Backscenes can make or break a layout. Fortunately, there is an abundance of pre-printed backscenes to choose from. Whether you prefer rural and countryside settings, modern industrial areas, coastal regions, or mountains, pretty much everything is covered....
Modelling Lineside Vegetation: Adding Thistles & Bracken To Your Model Railway
Bring your lineside scenes to life with thistle tufts & bracken. It's easy to do and adds that extra touch of realism to your lineside scenes.
Dry Brushing For Beginners: Simple Techniques For Maximum Realism
Dry brushing is a widely used method for adding weathering effects to models, such as buildings, locomotives, and rolling stock. It's an easy method to learn and provides a range of great weathering effects. Find out how it's done.