How To Guides & Tutorials

3 Simple Techniques to Achieve Realistic Rust Effects
In this guide I will show you three simple techniques to achieving a realistic rust effect using acrylic paints, texture paste and Humbrol weathering powders. These methods can be used to weather flat or 3d surfaces, such as the 3-d printed anchors I...
Creating a Miniature Harbour Scene in 'OO' Gauge
This blog will be covering how to create a miniature harbour scene. Join Klaire as she goes through her step-by-step guide creating a “Realistically Better” harbour using products you can find on our website.
Building a Snowy Scene in 'OO' Gauge
I created this scene as a little bit of fun, and to try out some new techniques for applying snow and ice.  I was inspired by some frosty weather and feeling festive!
Modelling An N Gauge Shipping Container Scene
I thought it was time we shone a spotlight on the humble shipping container, so, for a change we’ve gone N gauge! I’ve kept it simple so it makes for a quick build and you’ll only need 3 kits for this one, showing that you can make an effective little...