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What do you lay model railway tracks on?
What do you lay model railway tracks on? We explain and assess some of the more common options for elevating your model railway track.
Does a OO gauge layout fit on a 6ft x 4ft board?
Will a layout really fit on a 6ft by 4ft board? Read here to find out if this traditional board size is still suitable for today's models.
What is the difference between 009 and N Gauge?
Are you confused between OO9 and N Gauge? What is 009 narrow gauge? How big, or small, can I make a 009 layout? Read all the answers here.
Modelling N Gauge Low Relief Street Scene
This is how we made the N-gauge street diorama, using four of the new UW kits.
Which is bigger - 1:35 scale or 1:72 scale?
Let us take the myth out of scales - what does Scale mean and why should we be concerned about it?