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What Is The Minimum Curve Radius For OO Gauge Track?
Generally, the recommended minimum radius is determined by the accepted Set Track standards in UK OO gauge modelling. But, similar to 3rd Class seating, the concept of 1st Radius curves is no longer considered to be of any use. So where does that leave...
Is Hornby Dublo the same as OO gauge?
“Introduced in 1938 in both Clockwork and Electric as the 'perfect tabletop railway', Hornby Dublo quickly gained a reputation for quality and durability.  After World War II Clockwork was dropped and Electric locos were relaunched with updated...
How long is a mile in OO gauge?
A mile is 1760 yards, or 80 chains,  or 8 furlongs, or 5,280 feet. Miles have been the unit of measurement, in the UK, since the Roman times, where it was measured as ‘a thousand paces’.
What Gauge does Hornby use?
One of the biggest confusions in model railways is over gauge/scale and how to pronounce / write OO.
Is all OO track compatible?
The track you use is probably the most important part of any model railway set up.  Whether you're using Brio on the carpet, or O gauge fine scale on an exhibition standard display, the track needs to be consistent in both width & height.