Kate’s first ever build: The KX057-OO Barn!

Kate’s first ever build: The KX057-OO Barn!

Well the SMS Christmas open evening proved to be the inspiration I required to finally pick up a kit and have a go! 

Thank you's must go to the various customers who attended that evening and gave me encouragement and courage.....

To be honest I didn't actually start with a full kit… I had a rummage in our second's box and picked out as many pieces as I could find to start the build of our popular KX057-OO Barn Kit. I didn't want to waste good material if I wasn't going to be able to master the art of modelling.

At this point, I didn't have a copy of the instructions either but was quite happy to just have a go. Fortunately having worked for Justin and Tina for a few years now I had listened and picked up a few tips, especially when they do their live builds which I keep insisting they must start doing again.

Justin provided the tools I required: 

To be honest I really enjoyed myself and completely understand now why this is such an enjoyable hobby. Just to lose yourself in the moment and after a few hours in my case (probably quicker when you know your craft.) I had a lovely little barn.

I must thank my daughter for allowing me to borrow some of her acrylic paints. At one point during the build, I'd stopped for a brew and a think about which bit to tackle next. I decided that as the wraps were seconds, the colour hadn't printed correctly in places and my wrapping technique wasn't great, I would use the tea bag to adjust and blend the colour. I was laughing to myself at this point as wasn't sure what Justin's thoughts would be on this action. (Ed. Genius idea! JN)

Tina kindly cut me the additional pieces I required to complete the build and I found a few of our other detailing products to make my build REALISTICALLY BETTER… Cartwheels, some extra slates stacked up against the wall, and a random ladder, all add to the scene.

If you are reading this, Justin has taken the brave step to let you see the finished article and I'd love to hear your thoughts and see pictures of your first build experiences. Post your pics of your first builds on the Railway Modellers Community or just pop your comments in the form below).

If you are new to modelling, the best advice I can give you is to grab one of our building kits like a barn or terraced house and give it a go. It's amazing watching it come to life. Oh, and having the set of instructions to read does really help!


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I particularly like the colour of the roof tiles, most realistic.

Looks pretty good to me, especially the roof.

Brilliant build Kate.