Let's Make A Scene - Builders Yard

Let's Make A Scene - Builders Yard


A builder's yard is a great way to fill a spare corner of a layout. Regardless of the era or location you're modelling, builder's merchants have been around for a long time, and are always full of the bits and pieces used in construction. From pallets of bricks and breeze blocks, to drain pipes, bags of cement, steel joists, bulk bags of aggregates, timber, slabs, and chimney pots.  And don't forget the tools & equipment… every builder needs a wheelbarrow!

Table of Contents

  • Planning Your Builders Yard
  • Creating A Boundary Using Security Fencing
  • The Yard Surface
  • Detailing Your Yard
  • Larger Items, Machinery & Plant

Planning Your Builders Yard

Whether you're working in OO gauge or a different scale, you don't need a huge amount of space to create the illusion of a busy builder's yard. If you've got a large-ish space that backs onto a road you can of course create the main entrance to a builder's merchants, and create something larger and grander. Maybe even using a full or low relief industrial unit as the main shop/warehouse for the company. But if even if you only have a tiny space a few inches square, you can create the effect of a busy yard, stacked high with everything the construction industry needs. All you need is a selection of typical building supplies such as bricks, blocks, fence posts, chimney pots etc and you've got everything you need to make the scene.

Creating A Boundary Using Security Fencing

The first stage would be to define the boundary of the builder's yard. This would normally be done using a security fencing of some kind, but which one will depend on the era you're working in.

LX055-OO Palisade Fencing is ideal for perimeter fencing around any yard

The Yard Surface

The choice of paving for your yard will again depend on the era you're modelling. Anything from the 1970's onwards will most likely have poured concrete for the yard surface as it's easier for forklift trucks & lorries to move about on. There are a number of options for modelling this, from a simple painted surface using a concrete coloured emulsion tester pot from your local DIY store (add extra-fine sand or grit to the paint to give it a slight texture) to a printed paper texture. Our TX134 Concrete Hardstanding Texture works well for this as it's made up of large slabs of poured concrete with expansion gap markings.

Detailing Your Yard

Now you've created the yard surface and defined the perimeter, it's time to start stocking the yard with lots of supplies! Here's a handy list of items that can help bring your construction sites & builder's yards to life. Some are suited to the more modern yard while others will work for any era from the early 20th century onwards. Just pick the ones you think would be found in a yard that matches the era of your layout.

Larger Items, Machinery & Plant

For construction sites and larger yards, why not add a little plant & machinery?

Download and print this guide as a PDF here

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