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How tall are 1:76 scale figures?
Adding people to a model railway layout is one of the most effective ways of introducing ‘life’ to the scene. Locomotives and coaches look so much better with little figures on the footplate, in the driving cab or sat staring from the windows. Platforms...
Let's Make A Scene - Builders Yard
A builder's yard is a great way to fill a spare corner of a layout. Regardless of the era or location you're modelling, builder's merchants have been around for a long time, and are always full of the bits and pieces used in construction. From pallets...
Let's Make A Scene - Modelling A Farm or Farmyard
Did you know, that farmland makes up over 70% of the UK's land area? That's a huge amount of our comparatively small island that's taken up by farmland. There are actually over 192,000 farms in the UK. Of those, 50% are under 50 acres, many being family-run....
Let's Make A Scene - Modelling Rubbish, Fly-Tipping & Scrap
Litter and rubbish are a blight of modern-day life. Be it along railway lines, in the streets, along the grass verges at the sides of motorways and sadly, even in the countryside.