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Dry Brushing For Beginners: Simple Techniques For Maximum Realism
Dry brushing is a widely used method for adding weathering effects to models, such as buildings, locomotives, and rolling stock. It's an easy method to learn and provides a range of great weathering effects. Find out how it's done.
Modelling N Gauge Low Relief Street Scene
This is how we made the N-gauge street diorama, using four of the new UW kits.
Modelling A Harbour or Quayside Scene In OO Scale
Harbour scenes are a great way to add interest to a model railway layout. In this guide, Iain walks us through the process of modelling and detailing a simple harbour scene.
Weathering Scale Model Scenery Bowstring Bridges
A little weathering can go a long way and bridges are one structure that can really benefit from a little detailing with weathering powders. This simple guide walks you through the basic process of adding rust, dirt & grime to a girder bridge.
Modelling Wagon Loads In OO Gauge
Wagon loads add an extra dimension to a model railway. While trains do run empty in real life, an array of assorted loads add considerably to the operational interest of a OO gauge model railway layout.