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OO Gauge Lineside Hut Scratchbuilding Project
In this post, Iain takes uses one of our LX184-OO Weathered Sleeper Barrow Crossing packs to build a derelict oo gauge lineside hut to sit just before a tunnel entrance on his layout.
Realistically Better Railway Sleepers  - Easy Painting & Weathering Guide
In this guide, we'll show you a very easy way to paint & weather the sleepers that's very quick to do. Perfect for an evening modelling session for new modellers to seasoned modellers.
Making Catenary Hangers - The Right (Wright) Way!
Steve Wright has put together this handy guide for the method he uses to make Catenary hangers & registration arms, which he uses with our LX050-OO catenary portals. The method shown in this article involves some soldering but if you're not confident...
3 Simple Techniques to Achieve Realistic Rust Effects
In this guide I will show you three simple techniques to achieving a realistic rust effect using acrylic paints, texture paste and Humbrol weathering powders. These methods can be used to weather flat or 3d surfaces, such as the 3-d printed anchors I...
LX050-OO Mix & Match Catenary Guide
Our catenary is a precision laser-cut versatile modular catenary portal system allowing you to mix & match components within the catenary portal range to suit your requirements. You have a choice of differently designed masts & headspans to suit...