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Making A Start In Scratch Building - Modern Industrial Units
Have you ever looked at those layouts at model shows, online & in magazines that feature fantastic-looking scratch-built buildings? Then thought they look amazing, but I'll never be able to do anything like that. Maybe you don't feel confident about...
Creating a Miniature Harbour Scene in 'OO' Gauge
This blog will be covering how to create a miniature harbour scene. Join Klaire as she goes through her step-by-step guide creating a “Realistically Better” harbour using products you can find on our website.
Building a Snowy Scene in 'OO' Gauge
I created this scene as a little bit of fun, and to try out some new techniques for applying snow and ice.  I was inspired by some frosty weather and feeling festive!
Building A Shed & Garden Scene in O Gauge
Klaire's been getting all creative at SMS HQ this week building this lovely diorama to showcase our newly released LX154 Garden Shed kit in O gauge. And the keen-eyed among you will notice that she's thrown a few of our OO scale kits into the mix too,...
Storytelling With A Model Railway
The next photo in this story now sees us outside the store confirming that the clues we saw in the previous photo confirm that we're definitely at a well know UK DIY store. Here we now can see it must be a fence repair job that is taking place somewhere...