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How long is a mile in OO gauge?
A mile is 1760 yards, or 80 chains,  or 8 furlongs, or 5,280 feet. Miles have been the unit of measurement, in the UK, since the Roman times, where it was measured as ‘a thousand paces’.
What Gauge does Hornby use?
One of the biggest confusions in model railways is over gauge/scale and how to pronounce / write OO.
What Scale Is British OO Gauge?
In the world of model railways/railroads, the terms "scale" and “gauge” are frequently used interchangeably. Modellers often engage in conversations about models, modelling and model trains of various scales & sizes. Model railways are available...
Is all OO track compatible?
The track you use is probably the most important part of any model railway set up.  Whether you're using Brio on the carpet, or O gauge fine scale on an exhibition standard display, the track needs to be consistent in both width & height.