How To Guides & Tutorials

Modelling Lineside Vegetation: Adding Thistles & Bracken To Your Model Railway
Bring your lineside scenes to life with thistle tufts & bracken. It's easy to do and adds that extra touch of realism to your lineside scenes.
Dry Brushing For Beginners: Simple Techniques For Maximum Realism
Dry brushing is a widely used method for adding weathering effects to models, such as buildings, locomotives, and rolling stock. It's an easy method to learn and provides a range of great weathering effects. Find out how it's done.
Modelling Level Crossings: Real Life Inspiration
Level crossings are an integral part of a railway and make for a great scenic feature on any layout, from the steam era to today's modern railways. 
Modelling N Gauge Low Relief Street Scene
This is how we made the N-gauge street diorama, using four of the new UW kits.
Can you join Hornby and Peco track?
The short answer to this question is yes. But there are exceptions and you'll sometimes need a converter. Read on to find out exactly what you'll need to use Peco's track sections with Hornby's set track system.