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Roket Card Glue is without doubt our favourite glue of them all for assembling card model building kits. One bottle will build 100's of models, it's amazing stuff. For super fast assembly of card models, with precision and no mess.

Deluxe Materials Roket Card Glue will also bond balsa wood, paper card to most plastics too, making it an incredibly versatile glue for all your modelling applications.

Use very sparingly, applying to one of the parts to be glued, then press parts together firmly. For very fine detailed work it's recommended to dry fit components then apply a tiny drop of Roket Card Glue to the joint..

Supplied complete with fine tipped applicator for precise application to small components. 



Paper & Card
Deluxe Materials
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Deluxe Materials AD-57 Roket Card Glue

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Product Code DLAD-57

Our most trusted glue for card modelling & kit assembly.