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Everything you need to get started with Ballast Magic Ballast Glue & fixing down your Ballast the proper way! And it's suitable for N, OO, HO & O scales too, plus lots of other modelling applications for wargaming, dolls houses, slot car racing tracks and more.Deluxe Materials Ballast Magic is an exciting new way to bond ballast & other mineral materials on your layout, such as coal & gravel. Plus the bond is completely reversible using warm water (impossible with other methods of fixing)! So if you decide to make a change to your layout and need to remove the ballast, it can now be removed and reused!This kit contains everything you need to get started:
  • Step By Step Instructions
  • Ballast Magic Powder
  • Spray Bottle
  • Measuring Cup
  • Spatular

Need more Ballast Magic? No problem... you can find the Ballast Magic powder refills here.



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Deluxe Materials
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Deluxe Materials AD-76 Ballast Magic Ballast Glue Starter Kit

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