Here are a few photos of diorama’s and layouts, some built by us, and some built by our customers showing how some of our products can be used to add detail and realism to a layout.

John’s Truck Depot

John has made this truck depot diorama using our texture sheets. John exhibits this layout at model shows around the country. Great work John.







Steve’s Walstead Green Layout

Steve has been busy installing our catenary gantry’s on his layout Walstead Green. Steve has scratch built the hangers & registration arms as well as the insulators. The insulators Steve has made them by wrapping solder wire around the hanger/registration arm.



Neal & Amy’s Lakeside Parkway

Neal & Amy have been working hard on their Lakeside Parkway layout installing our new catenary gantry’s. Neal has taken the opportunity to create the track orange army installing the gantry masts. You can find our catenary range here:





Paul’s Container Railport Depot

Paul is currently working on the railport depot on his layout. He’s been using our Road Marking Stencils to mark out the hatched hazard areas. You can find the road markings stencil kit here:






LX007-OO Laser Cut Chain Link Security Fencing

Mike Buick has created this great track side scene using our LX007-OO Laser Cut Security Fencing kit. Mike has done a superb job on creating this scene. Look out for our track side catch pit kits in some of Mike’s photos.


Backscene, Fencing & Gates On Stephen’s N Gauge Layout

Stephen has created a very realistic scene indeed here with our N gauge Modern Countryside Backscene, Laser Cut Lineside Fencing, and Basswood 5 Bar Gates. We think it works brilliantly!

Laser Cut Pedestrian Railings In Use On  A Preserved Railway

Paul’s created his very own preserved railway on his layout (so that he can run any train he likes… sounds like a good idea to us!) and he’s been putting a few packs of our laser cut pedestrian railings to good use to keep the spectators safe while they watch the action.

Pedestrian Railings Installed On David’s Layout

The laser cut pedestrian railings are certainly proving popular. Here David has used the Sight Gap version on his layouts main roads to keep pedestrians safe from the busy traffic.

More Roadworks Scenes From David

Here David has been working with our LX023 Roadworks Safety Barriers and the LX043 Pedestrian Railings With Sight Gaps to enhance a roadworks scene and the pedestrian areas around his bus station. Nice work indeed David & many thanks for giving us our own retail showroom too!

Major Roadworks In Town

Matt’s sent in more photos of the Laser Cut Roadworks Safety Barriers in use on his 1:76 Diecast layout. Here he’s used them to keep pedestrians out of harms way while some major roadworks are carried out.

Matt’s Diecast Diorama

Here Matt has been putting several packs of our LX043-OO Pedestrian Railings With Sight Gaps to good use, keeping the folk in his town safe from the busy road traffic. You may be able to spot a few of our other kits too including the Fire Station & Modern Image Bill Boards.

Ruston Quays New Chimney

Phil Parker, BRM Magazine columnist & modelling blog Phil’s Workbench sent this photo in of our Laser Cut Card Lettering in use on a new chimney he’s been building for the BRM project layout Ruston Quays.

Richard’s Oil Depot

The first photos of the industrial ladders installed on a layout came in this week from Richard. He’s put four of them to good use in his OO scale oil depot.

George’s High Street Diorama

The pedestrian railings are a very popular item among 1:76 diecast collectors and diorama builders. Here George has used no less than 80 of the  Pedestrian Railings With Sight Gaps to add realism to his diorama.

Iain’s Freight Depot

Iain has been using a number of our kits to good effect on his new OO scale freight depot recently. It’s looking superb now! Here Iain has used:

He’s also used a number of downloads from our sister website too.

Fiona’s Cafe Diorama – Built By Us

fionas-cafe-diorama-1This small, OO / 1:76 scale diorama, just 30cm square shows a number of our kits in use including: