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This versatile KX004-OO 6ft Old Stone Wall & Wooden Gates card kit in OO scale is typical of those seen all around the UK. Featuring high quality photo-realistic textures for both the stone wall and weathered wooden gates, it's perfect for use as a perimeter wall around a factory, church, or along the side of the railway track and around lorry yards etc on diecast dioramas. The kit is very easy to assemble and uses high resolution, pre-weathered texture wraps over a series of laser cut card base layers which leaves no unsightly cut card edges visible when construction is complete. The kit includes two different pairs of gates, one pair of white painted wooden gates (see pic above) and one blue pair (not shown). Both sets of gates are fully weathered. Gate posts & buttresses for covering up joins between wall sections and adding extra realism are also included.

Key Features:
  • Heavily weathered old stone finish for added realism
  • Stone buttresses to disguise joins between wall sections & add extra detail
  • Can be assembled single sided or double sided
  • 2 pairs of very realistic, easy to assemble, rusty gates included
  • Build up to 28" of double sided wall or 56" of single sided wall from a single kit (More than our other wall kits!)
  • Each wall length is 246mm x 24mm high. Wall width can be varied by adding additional thicker or thinner card to the base layers.
  • No visible cut card edges when complete
  • Photo-realistic Texture Wraps - Printed onto high quality matt photo paper
  • Base layer templates - Printed onto 80gsm paper
  • Very sturdy card construction
  • Laser cut card base layers for quicker & easier assembly
  • No advanced modelling skills necessary.
Step-by-step instructions are included giving great results for modellers of all ages and abilities. Fully compatible with all model railway brands & buildings including Hornby, Bachmann, Superquick and Metcalfe.



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KX004-OO 6ft Old Stone Wall & Gates OO/4mm/1:76

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Upgraded Laser Cut Version For Quicker & Easier Assembly!

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