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A Granite & Red Brick wall kit, typical of those seen all over the UK. This pre-printed kit features high resolution weathered granite panels and red brick complete with algae & dirt deposits. An easy to assemble kit that is ideal for use as a perimeter wall around a factory, manor house, castle or church, or as a lineside wall along the edge of a stretch of track. Supplied with sheet of A4 greyboard for making up the base layers. High resolution, pre-weathered texture wraps are then used on each component for the final finish with no cut card edges visible once assembly is complete.

Key Features
  • Fully weathered finish for ultimate realism
  • High resolution photo-realistic textures
  • Brick pillars to disguise joins between wall sections & corners
  • Can be assembled single sided or double sided
  • Build up to 100cm of wall (single sided) or 50cm (double sided) from a single print.
  • Each wall length is 128mm long x 16mm high (excluding coping). Wall width can be varied by choosing thicker or thinner card for assembly.


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KX031-N 8ft Granite & Red Brick Wall N/2mm

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Product Code KX031-N