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The new adjustable Green Chemistry pigments technology allows you to simulate soot traces, topsoil and rain residues. These are very easy to apply with an airbrush, brush or any other technique.

This set includes:

  • LPW 11 Rain Marks
  • LPW 12 Road Dust
  • LPW 13 Light Earth
  • LPW 14 Dark Dust
  • LPW 15 Soot
  • RE Remover

Using Liquid Pigments

Shake well before use. The Liquid Pigments can be mixed together in order to obtain new colours. The Liquid Pigments can be applied by brush, airbrush or any method you prefer. Once applied, the Liquid Pigments can be removed partially or completely from the treated surfaces using a brush or a cotton bud moistened in the Remover. If just applied, you can remove the Liquid Pigments with only water. However, the use of the Remover is always recommended because it is able to completely eliminate the very dark stains or blots from light surfaces. Preferably use Liquid Pigments on satin or gloss surfaces. Applying a second coat with a different Liquid Pigments colour on the same area, the Liquid Pigments will be mixed together. In order to avoid that, please seal the work with a thin coat of transparent satin clear (Lifecolor LC77). The locked work will no longer be removable with Remover.

Scale compatibility: All scales

Suitable for Wood, Plastic, Card, Laserboard, & Metal



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Lifecolor Liquid Pigments Rain & Dust set (22ml x 6)

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