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Detail your model garden scenes with these laser cut "Hosta" plants (plantain lilies). Ideal for domestic garden borders, ornamental gardens and parks. Simple to work with but very finely detailed. They're laser cut from a nice, natural green shade art paper which works perfectly for plain hostas. Additional detail can be added by carefully dry-brushing the leaves with white or cream acrylic paint to give them a variegated look.
Simply shape with fingers or tweezers, then glue into place on your layout or diorama with a tiny drop of Deluxe Laser Cut Kit Glue or a little PVA

OO Gauge "Hosta" Garden Plants

  • 5 x large hostas (17mm x 19mm before folding & shaping)
  • 6 x medium hostas (15mm x 17mm before folding & shaping)


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LX557-OO Laser Cut "Hosta" Garden Plants - OO/4mm/1:76

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Product Code LX557-OO

Detail your parks & gardens with these realistically better laser cut Hosta plants.

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