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Model Railway Accessories - OO Gauge Lineside Detailing

Inside the railway fence 

We all know that a layout is virtually never finished - there are always more accessories and details that can be added.  One area that virtually every model railway layout has is that area inside the railway fence. 

To make your layout realistically better, choose from over 30 lineside kits, made in a variety of materials, from precision laser cut kits to 3D printed items.

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Steam Era products

From speed signs to anti-trespass boarding, catchpits & sleepers, there are lots of details items that can be used to enhance your steam era model railway layout.

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Diesel Era products

Building on the infrastructure from the Steam age, this is the era that saw the massive investment in trackside electronics, with cabinets, cabling and S&T equipment appearing everywhere. It also brought litter and graffiti.

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Electric Era products

Whilst not every mainline has overhead catenary, nor many of the less strategic lines, the appearance of masts and even more ducting, cabling and cabinets is now a common sight in many areas.

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Trackside maintenance

Ever since the first lines were laid, staff have been employed to keep the rails in perfect condition.

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Of course, you can't have an area inside the lineside fence, without an actual fence! We produce a wide range of fences of all styles, suitable for many eras and regions, from simple wire and posts to security railings and gates.

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