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From the simplest of manual tools, to carts and trailers, farmers have always needed lots of equipment to make the day-to-day work much easier.

The coming of the railways, of course, changed farming for ever. No longer would the sales of produce be limited to the immediate area. Trains could take goods to markets far away from rural farms, so to meet the ever growing demand, tools, materials and equipment had to steadily improve.

But what might you find in a farmyard, what little items can you add to make your scene just that little bit realistically better? Within out range you can find everything for today's farm scene, from spare junk to fill a corner, to modern trailers and galvanised animal feeders. For the older scenes, you might choose the carts, or boxes and crates for the farm produce.

Our range of farm equipment is either ready made using the latest 3D printing techniques, or in kit form using laserboard and MDF.

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OO Farm Equipment

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