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Showing 1 - 24 of 91 products

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Farm Buildings - Bundle 1 - OO/4mm/1:76

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Create a Realistically Better farm scene on your model railway layout or diorama with our great value farm buildings bundles.

Bundle contents: KX065-OO Poplar Farm House, KX064-OO Farm Machinery/Tractor Store & KX107-OO Modular Wall in Cornish Stone

A versatile OO scale Tractor / Machinery Store & Workshop kit to add realism to your farm scenes which can be assembled as a derelict or pristine building with a choice of wall finishes & glazed windows.

A versatile rural building to add realism to any scene.

A striking & versatile OO gauge Dutch Barn / Saw Mill building

Add that extra finishing touch to your farm & rural scenes with these field rollers & assorted farm junk.

The perfect finishing touch for garden scenes & building sites.

Realistic cattle feeding rings for detailing fields & farm yards

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KX026-OO The Old Workshop OO/4mm/1:76

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A versatile lockup / stores building, perfect for industrial scenes, harbours, quaysides & towns.

A multi-purpose workshop/cart shed & store, ideal for industrial, rural or coastal scenes on your OO gauge model railway layouts and 1:76 scale dioramas.

  • Laser cut parts - Easy to assemble
  • Realistically Better - Pre-weathered paper wraps for a realistic finish
  • Interior Wall Details - For a superior standard of finish

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KX057-OO Barn / Store - OO/4mm/1:76

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A versatile small barn/stores kit which can be assembled as a derelict or pristine building with a choice of wall finishes.

A versatile outbuilding / workshop kit which can be assembled as a derelict or pristine building with a choice of wall finishes.

An essential building for any farm or period industrial scene. Polsue Barn/Store & Workshop has so many uses!

A versatile stables / stores building, perfect for farms, rural & light industrial scenes.

A pack of 2 OO gauge garden sheds for model gardens and allotments

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KX113-OO Pigsty - OO/4mm/1:76

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Take your OO scale farm scenes to a whole new level of realism with this laser cut Pigsty kit. With un-matched detail and fully weathered finish, including a choice of stone or brick wall finishes, posable doors and more.

  • Straightforward assembly - precision laser cut parts & pre-weathered paper wall & roof finishes.
  • Great value - Un-rivalled detail at a wallet friendly price
  • Realistically better - every component in this kit has been professionally designed to give you a standard of finish thats far superior of anything else on the market
  • Versatile - Pose the doors & gates open, closed or anywhere in between. Plus choose from two different wall finishes
  • Self Assembly Kit - Enjoy assembling & customising the pigsty kit, customising the pigsty as you go, to suit your layout or diorama
  • Extra Detailing - The pigsty kit also features our market-leading pre-weathered roof slates with a prototypically uneven roofline for added effect
  • Dimensions - L: 102 x W: 73mm x H: 41mm

The perfect finishing touch for your industrial scenes.