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OO Gauge Domestic Building Accessories

There has always been a urge for man to make his home better than the next one. From Horsa with his window frames, in Carry on Cleo, to Jack & Vera with their yellow stone cladding in Coronation Street. Every domestic dwelling, from medieval timber-framed cottages to the grandest castle or palace, has had some form of embellishment to 'raise' it from those around.

Sometimes, what appear to be superfluous are there for more practical reasons. The addition of quoins on the corners of buildings were to give strength to the rest of the wall, which might have been made from rough stone. Pattress plates, although decorative in their various designs, were connected to long metal poles drilled through the building to stop walls bulging and ultimately collapsing.

Advertising has also looked to utilise blank spaces to promote myriads of products, and the gable end walls of terraced houses provided an ideal solution. As these painted signs have faded, over the years, they have left 'ghost' signs as remnants of the past.

We think we, at Scale Model Scenery, have one of the best selections of OO Domestic building accessories currently available. Even if you only purchase ready-to-plonk buildings, there is always some small detail that can be added to make your building unique. If you kit-build, or scratch build, then our range of detailing items will add the finishing touches.

Combined with our texture sheets, roof slates & tiles, and doors & windows, we have all the scratch building materials you need to create your own mini domestic masterpieces, from a small country cottage to a large, modern house or block of flats.

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Model Railways

Apart from the odd lineside shut or garden shed, most buildings since the dawn of railways have needed a door and windows. From the humble Cornish Engine house, to the great Crystal Palace of the Great Exhibition, wood, metal, plastic and of course glass have been used to keep out the worst of the weather and as protection and security.

Fitting our model doors and windows to your own buildings saves you the time and effort of cutting your own, but allows you the freedom and individuality that makes your building unique to your scene. Though they might not say it, your little people will thank you for including entrances and light openings in their various places of work and play.