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Apart from early cavemen, most domestic accommodation has had some form of doors and windows. Whilst tents and yurts had animal skins covering openings, the far eastern oriental communities used paper to cover windows. The Romans were known to have used small glass panes in wood frames, and until very modern times, wood was the main material for all sorts of doors.

The Industrial Revolution also changed the styles and construction of doors and windows.  The availability of cast iron meant window frames could be mass produced. In the early 20th Century, Art Deco buildings used metal extensively in the design of doors and windows, forming the straight lines and curved frames so reminiscent of the period. 

We think we, at Scale Model Scenery, have one of the best selections of OO Gauge Doors & Windows currently available. If you model any period, from the start of the steam age, to present day, every building will need at least one door, and most will need at least one window.

Combined with our texture sheets, roof slates & tiles, quoins,  downspouts, and decorative items, we have all the scratch building materials you need to create your own mini masterpiece, from a small country cottage to a large, modern house, a small workshop to a substantial factory complex, or even a set of station structures such as a signal box, good shed, engine and of course the station building itself.

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Railway OO Gauge Doors & Windows

These are just a few of the more recent additions to our range:

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Industrial OO Gauge Doors & Windows

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Domestic OO Gauge Doors & Windows

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Office / Commercial OO Gauge Doors & Windows

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Printed Texture Paper OO Gauge Doors & Windows

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3D Printed OO Gauge Doors & Windows

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Model Railways

Apart from the odd lineside shut or garden shed, most buildings since the dawn of railways have needed a door and windows. From the humble Cornish Engine house, to the magnificant Crystal Palace of the Great Exhibition, wood, metal, plastic and of course glass have been used to keep out the worst of the weather and as protection and security.

Fitting our model doors and windows to your own buildings saves you the time and effort of cutting your own, but allows you the freedom and individuality that makes your building unique to your scene. Though they might not say it, your little people will thank you for including entrances and light openings in their various places of work and play.