OO Gauge Harbours

Whether you have room for the HMS Queen Elizabeth, or can only squeeze in a small fishing smack, a harbour on your model railway layout or diorama adds considerable interest. Of course, a harbour needs structrure, and detailing to bring it to life and we think we, at Scale Model Scenery, have one of the best selections of OO Gauge Harbour Accessories currently available. For the harbour itself, you can find suitable walling, ground cover and buildings to construct your ideal scene. And, with our wide range of detailing accessories, you can create intimate cameos that really show off your modelling skills.

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Why choose our OO Gauge Harbour Kits?

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OO Gauge Harbour Buildings

These are just a few of the buildings from our range we think will work well in a harbour scene, but of course you can use any (or all!) of them:

OO Gauge Harbour Infrastructure

OO Gauge Harbour Details

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Why choose our OO Harbour Kits?

At Scale Model Scenery, we try to make everything we create 'realistically' better'. And that goes for all of our buildings, infrastructure and details you can find in our OO Gauge Harbour collection. We're confident we are the top choice for railways modellers and diorama creators. Here's why:


Ever since early man took to the water in boats designed to carry goods, there has been a need for a sheltered spot to transfer those goods to and from the shore. Initially, natural inlets or coves on the sea, or upstream on rivers, were used, but it was soon realised that by constructing a jetty or wharf it would enable better handling of goods. With the need to store goods and complete paperwork, harbours and harbour towns soon grew into what we can see today, all over the world.

From Wadi al-Jarf on the Red Sea (c4,500 years old) to Mevagissy, to Sydney Harbour in Australia, harbours have become a vital part of the world economy. Conversely, some harbours are well known for other reasons, such as the largest naval base in Western Europe, Devonport, the nationally important Ordnance Datum information at Newlyn and, of course, the Mayflower Steps at Plymouth.

Model Railways

In the UK, apparently, you are never more than about 70 miles from the sea. There are a few railway locations that aren't on the coast, a navigable river or a man-made canal. Even if your harbour isn't rail-served, you can add interest to your layout or diorama by the addition of a small boatyard, a wharf or even a rowing or sailing club. Depending on the space you can afford, Scale Model Scenery buildings come in Ultra Low Relief, Low Relief and fully formed. They can be used to create a back drop, or become the main focus of the harbour scene. Our Harbourside detailing items can be used in many other places, such as platforms, goods yards and farmyards.