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OO Gauge Industrial Buildings

Some form of manufacturing has occurred since the dawn of Man. Mostly this was in small cottages, or specialist buildings such as smithies or carpentry shops. However, it wasn't until the first Industrial Revolution that dedicated buildings were built to house machinery that massively increased productivity.

Many of those old 18th Century buildings are still around today, along with many generations of newer and improved facilities. Traditional, tall, multi-windowed factories now sit side-by-side with modern plastic-clad industrial estates. As with the early industries, many such facilities are rail-served, giving us, as modellers, ample scope to replicate what we see around us on our own small slices of miniature reality.

We think we, at Scale Model Scenery, have one of the best selections of OO Gauge Industrial Buildings Kits currently available. If you model any period, from the start of the steam age, to present day, some form of industrial building is probably a must-have for your layout. Combined with our wide selection of period and modern gates, fences, railings and walls, the future prosperity and security of your model manufacturing empire will be assured. 

If you are really short of space, take a look at our collection of Ultra Low Relief buildings. If you have a bit more space, then view our Low Relief buildings. And if you have loads of space in the middle of your layout, then check out the Period, Modern or Portable buildings.

And in all cases, don't forget the various accessories and detailing parts to complete the scene.

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Why choose our OO Gauge Industrial Buildings?

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Recent additions

These are just a few of the more recent additions to our range:

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Period OO Gauge Industrial Buildings

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Modern OO Gauge Industrial Buildings

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Low Relief OO Gauge Industrial Buildings

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Ultra Low Relief OO Gauge Industrial Buildings

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Portable OO Gauge Industrial Buildings

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OO Gauge Industrial Building Detailing

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Why choose our OO Gauge Industrial Buildings?

At Scale Model Scenery, we try to make everything we create 'realistically' better'. And that goes for all of our buildings you can find in our OO Gauge Industrial Buildings range. We're confident we are the top choice for railways modellers and diorama creators. Here's why:

Model Railways

Even if you model the most remote part of the railway empire, there must have been a reason for the railway to have reached there, and that reason is probably for some sort of industry.  Which means you'll probably need some sort of model railway industrial building. Depending on the space you can afford, Scale Model Scenery buildings come in Ultra Low Relief, Low Relief and fully formed. They can be used in farmyards, industrial areas, docksides - wherever you need. We have a wide range of model portable buildings, too in case your little people are still constructing their new building or need more office space.