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OO Gauge Platform Kits & Platform Surface Textures 

A realistic station platform can make all the difference in your model railway, and our laser-cut platform kits offer a flexible solution for building the perfect OO gauge platform.

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Why Choose Our Platform Kits?

Here are just a few reasons why we believe Scale Model Scenery laser cut platform kits are often the first choice for many model railway enthusiast:

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Shop OO Gauge Platforms

Pick & mix from our laser cut platform sections to create the perfect platform for your layout. Each texure pack is professionally weathered to give great results straight from the pack and will cover roughly 1.4m of platform up to 170mm wide.

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Choose Your OO Gauge Platform Surface

With a choice of 24+ platform surfaces we have something to suit pretty much every era or region!

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Choose Your Platform Wall Finish

Complete your platform with one of our high quality printed paper wall textures. All of our platform walls are supplied pre-weathered and printed onto matt paper for a realistic finish straight from the pack. Each pack contains enough to cover 2.5m of platform plus a ramp at each end.

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Additional OO Gauge Platform Detailing Accessories

We also produce a range of other accessories for detailing your model railway platforms including "Mind The Gap" and "Mind The Step" decals, yellow platform lining as well as anti-trespass panels and benches.

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