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OO Gauge Shops & Offices

Shops, Offices, Local Authorities, Emergency Services.

Strange as it may seem, not all of your little people will be railway workers. Some will work in shops, or offices, or local authorities or even for the emergency services.

Browse our collection of Shops & Offices and choose the ones that you need to fill those gaps on your layout, so your little people can do an honest day's graft.

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Benefits of choosing Scale Model Scenery building kits

When you choose one of our solid, laser-cut, MDF building kits, with high-quality printed wraps and additional laserboard detailing, you know you are getting a superb product. No unsightly card edges, no flimsy card structures. When complete, the building will blend into your layout or diorama, becoming part of the overall scene.

Recent additions

These are just a few of the more recent additions to our range:

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Low Relief Shops & Offices

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Shops & Offices

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Shops & Offices Furniture

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Other Commercial Buildings

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