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OO Gauge Texture Sheets

We believe we, at Scale Model Scenery, have the widest range of high-quality, photo-realistic, laser jet printed OO Gauge Texture Sheets for building your models, layouts and dioramas.

Not only do we supply a wide selection of brick & stone walls, but we also offer textures for rendered walls, modern corrugated plastic panelling, various roofing textures, inside and outside flooring, street coverings, and platform surfacing and platform walls.

All textures are professionally printed, in-house, onto high quality matt white paper, using a digital press. Each OO Gauge Texture Sheet can be easily cut to size and glued onto your chosen surface (MDF, card, plywood etc) using UHU, Deluxe Materials View Glue or Pritt Stick.

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Why choose our OO Gauge Texture Sheets?

At Scale Model Scenery, we try to make everything we create 'realistically' better'. And that goes for all of the printed sheets you can find in our OO Gauge Texture Sheets range. We're confident we are the top choice for railways modellers and diorama creators. Here's why:

These are just a few of the more popular or specialist textures in our range:

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Brick Wall OO Gauge Texture Sheets

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Stone Wall OO Gauge Texture Sheets

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Paneling OO Gauge Texture Sheets

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Covered Wall OO Gauge Texture Sheets

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Roofing OO Gauge Texture Sheets

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Street Surface OO Gauge Texture Sheets

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Outside Flooring OO Gauge Texture Sheets

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Inside Flooring OO Gauge Texture Sheets