Modelling Materials, Kits & Accessories

Scale Model Scenery Product Collections are hand-curated collections of products that make browsing & locating the perfect materials or accessories for your layouts and dioramas a breeze.

Benefits of choosing Scale Model Scenery building kits and Accessories

When you choose one of our solid, laser-cut, MDF building kits, with the high-quality printed wraps and additional laserboard detailing, you know you are getting a superb product. No unsightly card edges, no flimsy card structures. When complete, the building will blend into your layout or diorama, becoming part of the overall scene.

Then you can add a wealth of detail, from lobster pots to garden tools, from fire extinguishers to scaffolding, from roadside weeds to cultivated flower beds. All these, and much, much more, are available within these pages.

Truly, the only website you need to make your layout 'Realistically Better'.

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Modelling Materials

Modelling Card
Modelling card is ideal for scratch-building projects as well as structural work on dioramas and model railways. Available in a range of thicknesses and is easy to cut with a sharp craft knife.

Browse Modelling Card »

Texture Sheets
Mix and match our wide range of texture sheets to cover all surfaces of your kit-built or scratch-built projects on your model railway layout, or dicast or military diorama.

Browse Texture Sheets »

Lifecolor Paints
From base colours to subtle shades, from rusty track to lichen, using Lifecolor paints will really enhance your modelling.

Browse Lifecolor Paints »

Ballast & Earth Powders
Ballast, gravel, stones, sand, forest scatter and earth powders.

Browse Ballast & Earth Powders »

Flowers, Grasses & Foliage
Flower tufts, static grass and tree foliage.

Browse Ballast & Earth Powders »

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Micro Packs Collection

The kits contain exactly the same items as their bigger siblings, but each pack only has a few of the items, so you don't end up with lots you don't need or won't use.

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OO Gauge Railway Collections

OO Gauge Platforms
Build your ideal station with our range of easy to assemble platform sections including flexible platform walls for curved station platforms of any length.

Browse Platforms »

OO Gauge Platform Accessories
Detail your platforms with our wide collection of fences and platform furniture.

Browse Platform Accessories »

OO Gauge Lineside Detailing
Bring your lineside areas to life with highly detailed OO gauge accessories for all eras and regions.

Browse Lineside Details »

OO Gauge Wagon Loads
Fill your open, flat, well, bogie and bolster wagons with lots of different loads. Fill your goods yards too.

Browse Wagon Loads »

OO Gauge Steam Era Sheds
Propare a space and facilities for your branch locos or mainline thoroughbreds.

Browse Steam Era Sheds »

OO Gauge Diesel / Modern Image TMDs
Create a perfectly detailed TMD area for your Diesel or Modern Image fleet.

Browse TMDs »

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OO Gauge Town & Industrial Collections

OO Gauge Industrial Buildings
Create gritty industrial scenes with factories, warehouses, workshops & other infrastructure.

Browse Industrial Buildings »

OO Gauge Roads
Whether you model country roads, period urban or modern urban, you can add lots of detail using our wide collection of kits and accessories.

Browse Roads »

OO Gauge Model Railway Bridges
Everything from streams to the ECML - they all need bridges to allow people to cross. Choose the one you need from our range.

Browse Bridges »

OO Gauge Houses
A wide collection of various sorts of accommodation for your little people.

Browse Houses »

OO Gauge Harbours
Everything from buildings and railings to lobster pots and lifebuoys.

Browse Harbours »

OO Gauge Parks & Gardens
Create some green spaces for your little people to relax.

Browse Parks & Gardens »

OO Gauge Garages
Create a mechanic's garage scene for your layout or die-cast diorama

Browse Garages »

OO Gauge Doors & Windows
From domestic doors to arched industrial windows, find the ideal solution for those wall openings here.

Browse Doors & Windows »

OO Gauge Domestic Building Accessories
Quoins, drainpipe and date & name plates, plus lots of other detailing bits.

Browse Domestic Building Accessories »

OO Gauge Shops & Offices
Shops, Offices, Local Authorities, Emergency Services - your little people have to work somewhere.

Browse Shops & Offices »

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OO Gauge Farm & Countryside Collections

OO Gauge Farm Buildings
Create the ultimate farm complex with our wide choice of matching buildings.

Browse Farm Buildings »

OO Gauge Farm Equipment
Supply your farm with all the necessary equipment needed, from fences to feeders.

Browse Farm Equipment »

OO Farm Gates and Fences
An essential component of any farm scene, but there's more to OO gauge farm gates and fences than you may realise.

Browse Farm Gates & Fences »