Modelling Materials, Kits & Accessories

For our Scale Model Scenery Scene Collections we have written detailed information, which has previously been published as blog posts. As well as a list of products that bring together lots of various kits, we've included lots of 'how to's, to help you create that perfect scene on your layouts and dioramas.

Lineside Rubbish
Lineside rubbish is a blight on the modern day railways, but is also rarely modelled.

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Builder's Yard
Builder’s yards are full of the bits and pieces used in construction.

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Farmyards are messy, smelly places. But they look great on a model railway or diorama.

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Small Harbour Scene Collection

Everything you need to create a small harbour scene, from lobsterpots to warehouses.

Roadworker's Yard Scene Collection

Roadworker’s yards are full of tools and materials to mend our roads. Eventually.

Market Square Scene Collection

We have market stalls, benches, street furniture and lots of other items to create the perfect scene.