LX050-OO Mix & Match Laser Cut Catenary (OHLE Masts & Headspans) – OO/4mm/1:76

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A versatile laser cut modular catenary system allowing you to mix & match components to suit your requirements. With a choice of mast & headspan design to suit British Outline East Coast & West Coast mainline layouts and anywhere in between.

Our catenary system is made from precision laser cut MDF and Laserboard which makes it easy to work with for the average modeller, while being strong & durable enough to stand the test of time.

All packs will build 10 pairs of masts or 10 double track headspans, or for the extension packs to span more than 2 tracks, they will do up to 20 triple track or 10 four track spans.

Register arms, wirings & pulleys are not included with this kit (stay tuned for our tutorial fashioning your own!)

Mast Styles:

Our LX050-OO Catenary System has a choice of 2 different mast designs: Ladder (Pack A) & Lattice (Pack B). Each mast is constructed from just 5 components and takes no more than a few minutes to assemble. The masts use a sturdy MDF Core with engraved laserboard overlays for the front and rear faces of the masts and mast base, which also has engraved bolt detail for added realism. Note: Mast packs DO NOT include headspans.

Headspan Styles:

Our LX050-OO Catenary System also offers modellers a choice of two headspan designs, which again can be mixed and matched as required: Lattice Girder / Gantry (Pack C) & Castellated Beam (Pack D). All our headspans packs are will span a double track at standard Hornby / Peco Setrack Spacing. Note: Headspan packs DO NOT include masts.

Lattice Girder Beam Headspan packs also include a wooden jig to aid construction.

Headspan Extension Packs: 

If you wish to build catenary to span 3 or more tracks, our extension packs come in both Lattice Girder (Pack E) and Castellated Beam (Pack F) to match the twin track headspans. When you’re building the headspans you simply incorporate the relevant number of extensions into the centre of each span (1 extension for a 3 track span, 2 extensions for a 4 track span etc). All extension packs come with internal or external bracing to maintain strength and structural integrity of the original twin track catenary.

Kit Features:

  • Very sturdy construction using a combination of MDF & laserboard for strength & realism.
  • Perfect for any OO / 1:76 / 4mm modern image model railway layout or diorama.
  • Compatible with all makes of OO gauge model railway.
  • Modular design will span 2, 3, 4 or more tracks.
  • Dimensions:
    Masts (Including Base): H: 106mm x W: 12mm x D: 10mmLattice Headspan (Main Girder sections): L: 76mm x W: 7mm x H: 18.5mm
    Castellated Beam Headspan (Main Girder section): L: 79mm x W: 8mm x H: 11mmLattice Headspan Extension: L: 67mm x W: 7mm x H: 18.5mm
    Castellated Beam Headspan: L: 67mm x W: 8mm x H: 11mm
  • Deluxe Materials Roket Card Glue highly recommended for these.

Painting Advice:

Typically on the railways, most of the metalwork for OHLE systems would have a galvanised steel finish, so painting in a suitable silver then weathering with a light coat of grey / matt lacquer should be sufficient in most cases. Weathering powders can be used to further age and enhance the finish as required.

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