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Showing 505 - 522 of 522 products

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Weathered Chimney Pots AX010 OO/4mm/1:76

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Our easy to assemble OO gauge model railway fencing gives you realistically better results, straight from the pack.

  • Realistically better finish - made from recycled cardboard which has a naturally weathered wood finish, so there's no need to paint them.
  • Precut parts - You only need a knife to gently release the parts from the sheet, all cutting is done for you!
  • Simple to assemble - just a few minutes per length of fencing.
  • Quick & easy to install - Can be glued directly to your baseboard and will even work up and down gentle inclines & embankments.
  • Durable - The simple, sturdy, layered construction makes for a durable model once assembled.
  • Complete compatibility - Perfect for any OO / 1:76 / 4mm model railway layout or diorama.
  • Fence Dimensions: L: 108cm x H: 16mm (installed fence height) x D: 3mm

A pack of 3, easy to assemble farm style five bar gates with a wide range of uses on your OO scale model railway layout. 

  • Easy to assemble - simple, layered construction kit
  • Great value - A single pack builds 3 gates & 6 posts
  • Realistically better - natural weathered wood appearance for added realism
  • Versatile - Pose the gates in open or closed positions as required
  • Self Assembly Kit - Step by step instructions included
  • Extra Detailing - Gates can be further enhanced with weathering powders & acrylic paints as required
  • Dimensions - W: 44 x H: 18 x D: 2mm (Each gate)

Updated Version - Now supplied with laser cut card base layers.

A commonly seen Victorian-style brick wall, with recessed panels and contrasting stone coping.

New Upgraded Version - Now With Laser Cut Card Parts & Clear Windows

Upgraded Laser Cut Version For Quicker & Easier Assembly!

Now with laser cut card base layers for quicker assembly & an updated brown brick texture.