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Designed for use with our laser-cut platform kits and for scratch-built platforms, our English bond weathered brown brick platform wall wraps offer a quick and easy way to create a realistic railway platform for your OO scale model railway. Coupled with our mix & match range of platform surface texture papers, and platform sections, you have access to one of the widest range of platform options to create the perfect, bespoke platform configuration for your layout.

Each pack contains two sheets of platform walling giving you enough to cover up to 2.5m of platform, plus a ramp at each end. Two additional sheets are also included to wrap the ledge underneath the top platform surface.

Professionally printed in-house onto high quality white paper using a digital press. Can be easily cut to size and glued onto your chosen surface (MDF, card, plywood etc) using UHU, Pritt Stick or Deluxe Materials View Glue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What glues do you recommend for working with brick papers?

For gluing brick papers to large surfaces we highly recommend UHU. Apply a thin coat to the entire surface to be wrapped with brick paper. Allow to dry for a few seconds so it goes tacky, then smooth the brick paper into place. Some modellers also get great results with Pritt Stick and similar paper glues.

For detailed work, such as folding small tabs around window & door reveals, we highly recommend Deluxe Materials Roket Card Glue or Laser Cut Kit Glue as they both come with fine tipped applicators.

Why are the brick papers printed onto thin paper?

Printing onto thin paper makes sharp, crisp corners on buildings possible. If we printed them onto thick card, getting realistic, crisp corners on buildings would be virtually impossible. It also makes it easy to fold the texture papers around door and window reveals.

Why do the brick papers sometimes have a slightly shiny finish?

Our brick & stone papers are printed on a digital printing press which uses laser technology & dry toners rather than solvent or water-based inks. So the toner sits on top of the paper rather than soaking in. With brick and stone textures that use a lot of toner, particularly darker shades, this can result in a slight shine to the surface of the paper. Any shine can be easily toned down with a light coat of matt acrylic lacquer applied using a spray can.

Will the texture sheets fade in sunlight?

We use fade-resistant, colour-fast toners so they should stand the test of time in most environments. But we would advise not allowing them to get damp and avoid direct sunlight if you can.



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TX250-OO English Bond Weathered Brown Brick Platform Wall Wraps - OO/4mm/1:76

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