Scale Model Scenery Limited is a family run business, based in Cornwall, in the South West of the UK, supplying high quality, pre-printed & laser cut card and paper kits, textures and accessories to model railway & scale modelling enthusiasts all over the world. Our work is inspired by the world around us, with attention to detail being one of our highest values. These kits use photo-realistic textures throughout to ensure that once assembled, the finished model will look as close to the real thing as it possibly can. Our goal is to bring you a "realistically better" product to enhance your modelling experience.

Justin Noble (Founder & Co-Owner of Scale Model Scenery Limited and RailwayModellers Club) started doing downloadable textures and some basic kits from 2010-2014. In his teens, one of his hobbies was modelling but stopped doing it to focus on his career in Electrical Engineering which he went to university for. He realised that he didn't have any passion for this career path and got a job offer to do web design. Justin taught himself how to use Photoshop. Thinking back to his teenage hobby, he saw opportunity in the market and from here, putting 2 and 2 together, started creating textures and basic kits for modelling.

Our Origins

Scale Model Scenery Ltd opened its doors officially in September 2014, the result of 5 years of hard work by Tina & Justin, working from their family home in Leicestershire, building up a range of over 400 instantly downloadable building kits for model railway layouts & diecast dioramas through Model Railway Scenery.

Through the natural progression of product development & customer requests we are now able to offer a large proportion of our kits and textures in pre-printed format.

In November 2014 we took delivery of a Laser Cutter which enabled us to expand our range considerably, with the launch of the LaserScenes Mini Kits range.

This rapidly expanding range allows railway and scale modellers to access the precision and accuracy that laser cutting affords through the easy to work with mediums of card, wood & plastic.

In June 2020, Justin & Tina finally made the huge leap from home based business to a brand new industrial unit (as seen in the photo above) located at Tresillian Business Park, near Truro in Cornwall. The move gives the company the space it needs to expand the range and increase production capacity over the coming years.

Scale Model Scenery has been awarded Hornby's "Specialist Retailer of the Year" in 2019, 2020 and 2021. Our products have been featured in many magazines such as ModelRail, BRM, Hornby and RailExpress. 


Over the years, Scale Model Scenery and the team have attended a number of different shows and exhibitions.

These shows range from small events around the local area to bigger shows up country.

We've attended the larger shows such as the Warley Club National Model Railway show at Birmingham, Model Rail Scotland at the Glasgow SECC, and The GETS show at Milton Keynes.

Other shows have included small ones in North Yorkshire, Leicestershire & here in Cornwall.

We enjoy meeting customers longstanding & new at the shows as well as being able customers see our growing range of items first hand.

We look forward to seeing you all at future shows! Here at Scale Model Scenery Limited, we make sure to have a friendly community which we interact with daily.

Justin & Tina

Justin and Tina are the Founders and Co-Owners of both Scale Model Scenery Limited and Railway Modellers Club. They have been together for 27 years, having their child Elizabeth in 2004 and getting married in 2018.

He enjoys Heavy Rock / Metal music, playing his bass guitar (but rarely get the time), gardening & walking in the country.

Justin dislikes melon, The B52's & The Proclaimers

"If I had an extra hour in the day I'd play my bass more. Or learn to surf!"

Tina enjoys reading (specifically Jo Nesbø and history books), a good TV drama, gardening, long walks with Lola + Justin, most genres of music - although not all of Justin's heavy metal.

Some of her dislikes include sweetcorn + broadbeans and rude people.

If Tina had an extra hour, she would "Spend time on my family tree or learn to knit/crochet."


The door security. If Lola's in the building and someone enters, you will know about it. She has been alongside Tina & Justin since 2014 and they have had her since she was a puppy. 


Klaire is a fulfilment operative for Scale Model Scenery. She enjoys anything to do with animals (especially dogs), colour pencil drawing, crochet, reading and heavy metal. Her dislikes include celery, poor punctuation & grammar and impatience. "If I had an extra hour I'd make a cup of tea and sit in the garden".


Kate is a laser and fulfilment operative at Scale Model Scenery. Her interests include time with family & good friends, swimming, walking & motorsport. A couple of her dislikes are hot prawns & change!

When asked what she would do with an extra hour in the day, Kate said "If it’s sunny at the beach otherwise in the garden."


Carl is a packer at Scale Model Scenery. He enjoys playing his music sorting through my large vinyl collection, reading factual books, gardening -  "It soothes the soul as does music", walking, riding my Lambretta, family, and countryside. His dislikes include rude people, bad manners, litterbugs. "If I had an extra hour in the day... I would probably spend it in the garden."


Sam is a Junior Designer for SMS and RMC. He joined the team in December 2022. His interests include the gym, playing video games, food and spending time with friends and family. Some of his dislikes include Photoshop misbehaving and the buses being late.

"If I had an extra hour I would definitely spend it sleeping."


"I am a person of many contradictions. I am left-handed, but also ambidextrous. I like Classical music, but also rock, swing and the blues. I read, but not enough. I play sport, but not enough. I make model railway layouts, but not enough . I dislike peas, curries and show jumping. If I had an extra hour, I'd sit in a sunny spot, with a cider, and watch the world go by."

Josh S

"Sawlesdon Lane is a quiet street in the shadow of the dark satanic mills and factories of 1930's Lancashire. It's a quiet spot, where usually the housewives can be found hanging washing out in a vain hope of it not getting covered in soot and smog." - Josh S

As mentioned before Justin and Tina also own Railway Modellers Club, this is a forum site / social media where modellers can discuss and share their layouts, as well as general chat. Josh is one of the members of RMC and has helped us with testing.

Another part of RMC is "" which is a site where users can create a page dedicated to their layout. You can check out the details of his layout Sawlesdon at

James / jeg_60

"Hi I'm James I've been building Dylington for about three years now, and it's my first attempt at a model railway. I'm actually building it for my grandson so it's an anything goes one from Thomas to the Eurostar and anything inbetween really." - jeg_60

James is another member of RMC and is a big part of the community. His layout "Dylington" has become very popular and has continued to appear in SMS products such as the Dylington Worker Cottages and other members' layouts in the form of "DCC" or "Dylington Custard Co".  

We are active on all our social media!