Building A Scale Model Scenery Laser Cut Kit

Our laser cut kits are designed to enable the average modeller to get great results without the need for any expensive tools or years of modelling experience. Armed with the right, simple tools, glues and materials, it's possible for anyone, with or without model making experience, to achieve realistically better results.

Just remember to take your time. Don't rush. Allow time for the glue to dry between steps and most of all enjoy the process.

Below are a series of videos to help you get great results with your Scale Model Scenery kits

Essential Tools For Building Laser Cut Kits

To build any of our kits, you won't need any particularly specialist tools, and most modellers will already have all they need in their toolkits. Here's a complete list of all the tools you're likely to need to build a Scale Model Scenery kit.

What Glue Should I Use For Brick Papers & Paper Texture Wraps?

Choosing the right glue can mean the difference between the perfect finish on your model building and a complete mess. We're often asked if PVA will be suitable for paper wraps and texture papers, but unless you're an experienced modeller, the simple answer is no, not really. PVA makes the paper go far too soggy and wrinkly due to its high water content.

Instead we highly recommend UHU or similar glues. UHU is solvent based and won't cause the paper to go soggy or stretch, resulting in a much neater finish. Then for finer, more detailed work, we recommend either Deluxe Materials Roket Card Glue or Laser Cut Kit Glue as they come with fine tipped applicators. These types of glues and applicators are perfect for gluing small parts and paper tabs down.

Brick Paper Basics - Getting Great Results With Brick Papers & Wraps

Whether you're working with brick papers, or using the paper texture wraps supplied with Scale Model Scenery kits, there are some basic techniques you'll need to master in order to get great results. None of them are complicated or difficult to master, but as always, practise makes perfect.

Brick Paper & Wrapping Techniques Covered In This Video