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OO Gauge Roads

"Where we're going, we don't need roads..."

Except of course, for our layouts, we do. Roads in the country, roads in towns, motorways, country lanes.  All sorts of roads.  But what details do we need on and alongside the road ?  How can we set a time and place for our layout, just from a few roadside details?

Here at Scale Model Scenery we try to help with all aspects of scenic detailing and model railway accessories, to make your layout realistically better. Read on, and all will be explained.

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Urban Road Detailing

Ever since the Romans, our towns and cities have had roads to move people and goods around. From the free-for-all chaos of medieval times, to the signposted, regulated, fully controlled modern day chaos, urban roads have a wealth of details that are now easy to replicate in miniature.  We supply everything you could possibly need, from everyone's favourite double yellow lines, to pavements, bollards and fences. Have a look through the list of items below and decide which you need for your street scenes.

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Urban Roadside Detailing

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Rural Roads Detailing

How can you capture the idyllic beauty of a country B-road, as it winds between farms and passes through sleepy villages ?  Well, use some of our detailing kits and the job's a good 'un. Manholes, bus stops, the ever present village cross, roadside fencing and stiles, it's all in the list below.

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Trunk Roads & Motorways

These are becoming more of a feature on the modern image layout. With so many excellent vehicles from the likes of Oxford Diecast, the typical M5 or A30 snarl ups can be modelled to perfection. Armco barriers and motorway road textures, or traffic lights and pelican crossings, we've got them all listed below.

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Pavements come in all shapes, sizes and materials. One of the hardest to model are the large slabbed versions, so we have straight strips and corners to keep your urban, or rural, little people safe from harm.  

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Roadside Fencing

As we've long since stopped relying on common sense and Tufty, the proliferation of roadside fencing has increased steadily over the years.  Similarly, keeping pedestrians from entering spaces beyond the pavement is also much more common, so whatever fencing or railings you need, pick them from the list below.