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Showing 1 - 24 of 177 products
Showing 1 - 24 of 177 products

Decorative railings for detailing a pedestrian area, quayside, harbour or promenade on your N scale model railway layout.

A pack of 4 blank ultra-low relief industrial unit / warehouse end wall templates to kick-start your scratch-building projects.

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LX260-N Coal Staithes & Sign - N/2mm/1:148

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Building a coal yard on your layout? Our coal staithes kit makes the perfect choice for creating a realistic coal yard on your N gauge layout. Made from real wood, you can't get any more authentic.

A very easy to build decorative balustrade kit for detailing your model railway buildings, stations & bridges.

Take the hassle out of creating realistic concrete hardstanding on your N gauge model railway layout with our laser-cut hardstanding kits. They work with Peco Streamline & Set Track, and it works with both Code 55 & Code 80

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KX057-N Barn / Store - N/2mm/1:148

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A versatile small barn/stores kit for your N gauge model railway layout which can be assembled as a derelict or pristine building.

Relistically detailed platform coping for your N gauge model railway layout.

Realistically detailed Juliette balcony railings for your N gauge model railway layout.

A realistic lighting tower to add detail and realism to your N gauge marshalling yard, depot, freight yard or container port.

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KX031-N 8ft Granite & Red Brick Wall N/2mm

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AX010-N Weathered Chimney Pots N/2mm

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